Originally from Mexico City . Designer and jeweller. She studied Industrial Design in Mexico and worked for  several years as a designer and museographer at the Tamayo Museum, focusing in interactive exhibitions and in many independent projects as she also started her own Jewelry  Line. She obtained a Fulbright Grant to study an MFA in Jewelry Design at RISD, USA, where she started teaching. In NY she worked for some years as a Jewelry Designer for important Fashion brands such as Liz Caliborne , Juicy Couture, Mexx, Monet, Kenneth Cole. She parted to Milan with a scholarship from the  Richemont/Creative Academy group and obtained a Master in design in Luxury and Design, consequently she worked at Cartier in Paris as a Jewelry Designer. She has always kept her own line of work, which has been published in various Jewelry books and has been exhibited in Mexico, USA and Europe. Nowadays she combines her work as a Jeweller and Designer and as the head of the Master  Design Programs School of IEDMaster Madrid.